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SSL / Commerce Hosting


When your customers make purchases, all of their personal information, including credit card numbers, goes through a secure processing site instead of your own web site. This layer of security gives both you and your customers the peace of mind that private information will remain private.

Affordable Equipment

Professional Web Design

Professional Shopping Cart Layout

Harbortouch is a registered ISO/MSP of
First National Bank of Omaha.
1620 Dodge St. Omaha, NE

MoneyMovers gives you all the tools to accept web-based payments, including a secure hosting environment.

Instant Cash Flow System
Automate monthly receivables with Pre-Authorized Checking
Eliminate invoicing
Receive pre-authorized checks at the same time every month and deposit them like normal checks without the wait
No computer access into customer’s checking account

Electronic Payments
Payments processed via a virtual terminal application through the ACH system (includes recurring capabilities
Collect money from your customers in 2-5 banking days no matter where they bank
If an ACH transaction is returned for NSF the auto-collect feature resubmits the transaction automatically

Electronic Collection of Insufficient Funds
No cost to merchant
Merchant enters the routing and account number via the internet and collection is handled electronically
Merchant can recoup bank fees from the customer via the internet
No sign-up fees
No minimums
No long term contract

Consolidated Returns
Utilized by merchants who have multiple locations and multiple depository banks to reduce banking fees
Merchants have control over the collection process for the returned items
Improves speed of dishonored check notification
Merchants can originate their own collection transactions
Electronic resubmission of NSF
Electronic capture of return fee if authorized
Use of credit reporting and check verification

Credit & Debit Card Acceptance
Best and most current equipment
Great discount rates
98% approval rate
Training and reprogramming as needed
Retail point of sale, over the phone and via the internet transactions
Free analysis on current card processing to determine if you can save money!

Electronic Check Conversion
Changes paper checks into electronic transactions
Eliminates handling of paper checks
Faster processing
Checks are electronically deposited into merchant’s account
NSF and other returned items are discovered faster and resubmission handled electronically
Immediate reports through each point-of-sale terminal
Eliminates NSF bank fees
Merchants eliminate the embarrassment of having to deal with a bounced check

Check Guarantee
Especially designed for merchants receiving large volumes of insufficient funds checks
Merchant pays a discount rate and transaction fee, similar to accepting credit cards, which guarantees 100% of funds

Accept credit cards and checks via the internet
Built in shopping cart

Designed to suit your needs
Allows customers to call in and pay for services by phone for a nominal charge
No charge to company/merchant
Great for utilities, cable companies, gas companies, etc.


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